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Originally Posted by laytonj1. Ok, then it's either a .38 Regulation Police (pre-war) or .38/32 Terrier (pre-war) The Regulation Police will have a square butt and the Terrier a round butt. See pic. Serial numbers for the Regulation Police ran from 1 in 1917 to 54474 in 1940. Serial numbers for the Terrier ran from 38976 in 1936 to the same ....

If your revolver bears the model number 581, 586, 681, 686, or 581-1, 586-1, 681-1, 686-1, 686CS-1 without an "M" over the model number, it does not include this improvement and your should have your revolver modified. Smith & Wesson will modify your L-frame revolver free of charge to eliminate the possibility of cylinder binding with …Serial Number search, please? My son just purchased a 9mm model 6904 that has been in storage since original purchase, never fired. The serial number is AIP2801. If someone could look that up for us, that would be great! Also, any idea what the AIP stands for? My guess is 1985, using the SCSW 4th.The serial number is on the heel of the grip. Model is 66-2. Other marks are probably production marks used to coordinate operations within the factory. There is considerable hand work on these revolvers. Others may have more specifics about the production coding.

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When contacting Smith and Wesson customer service, be sure to have the following information handy: -Your name -Your mailing address -Your telephone number -The model of your revolver -The serial number of your revolver (if known) Smith and Wesson customer service can be reached by phone at 800-331-0852, Monday-Friday, The N frame revolvers, including the model 29 had serial numbers beginning with the letter "S" from 1946 until 1969-70. After that the serial number would have began with an "N" until 1983. In 1980 S&W began using serial numbers that began with 3 letters. The L frames were the first using the 3 letter prefix.Nov 23, 2012 · My uncle left a REVOLVER SMITH & WESSON at home years ago. MOD .32 SAFETY HAMMER, SERIAL NUMBER 85813, but it has a brown grip, and I couldn't find one with that grip on Google, it's the original one, but I haven't seen one like that yet, most are rubber and in color **** *.

I'm after a date for my 586. The serial number is ACJ18XX - can anyone help out? Thanks alot. On the face of it, it could have been made ~ 1983, but maybe earlier or later. Per the instructions in the S&W Catalog, the S/N’s can have “large gaps in the s/n sequence” and “out of sequence” as well. We can make an “assumption” but if ...If you want to locate the identity and address of the person behind an unpublished phone number, you can use the power of the Internet to find the information. Unlike home land-line phone numbers, a cell phone number often remains private a...Oct 2, 2016 · There are many, many other S&W revolvers not covered here. I'll add more if and when the mood strikes me. Pre-War N frame. Year/Beginning Serial 1908….. 1 1909….. 2050 1910….. 5000 1911….. 7050 1912….. 9100 1913….. 11150 1914….. 13200 1915….. 15250 1916….. 15500 1917….. 16000 1918-1919 None 1920….. 16200 1921….. 16300 1922….. 18400 1923….. 19600 Hi all, I have picked up a Chiefs Special Model 36 with a 3 inch barrel. I am having difficulty coming up with a date of Manufacture and value on the gun. The Serial number is 173xxx so it lands in the area past the 1957 date by about 47000 units. Any ideas? It is in immaculate shape! The book does not break it down any closer than 1957 …Model 36 serial number and production date. I have a model 36 that I bought as a no dash. I thought the dash would be in the crane area where it says model 36 like on the larger revolvers but apparently, they ran out of room and it is supposed to be a dash model. There is a 5-digit serial # in the crane area, and one-digit number before …

29 វិច្ឆិកា 2021 ... since you're not posting photos it makes it difficult, but an older S&W revolver N-frame with no model number stamp, barrel marked 357 Magnum, ...Jul 24, 2011 · It is chambered for the .38 S&W Round, and has a 3 3/16" barrel. The only serial number I can find is on the bottom of the grip but of the revolver. The number has only four digits, 36xx. The revolver is in very good mechanical condition with a clean up-pitted barrel. It locks up tight and appears to work well in both DA and SA modes. ….

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Knowledgeable habits who could support me with the date of manufacture of my 34-1 22 lr with serial number M175666 the truth is that it is practically brand new blue even its finish is 3-centimeter barrel in advance, thanks. Welcome to the forums from the cotton and peanut covered plains of the Wiregrass!Step 2. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images. Examine the surface of the S&W gun to find the serial number. Depending on what year it was made, the serial number could appear in various places, such as below the barrel on a revolver or on the bottom of the grip.The only .38 spl Smith and Wessons in that serial number range were produced in 1903 and 1904 as the Smith and Wesson .38spl Hand Ejector M&P. They look like Model 10's, and are very similar, but predate the Model 10 by over 50 years. If you post a pic of the gun, I should be able to tell what it is.

423 18 Terre Haute I just bought two model 10 Smiths. One is a 10-5 serial D7461XX. The other is a model 10-6 serial D5801XX. I am curious about year made.It says Smith and Wesson us paten'd then gives a list of dates. It appears to be .38 s&w. It does have a hammer and it is d.a. Ok, that would make it a .38 Double Action 3rd Model. Serial numbers ran from 119001 in 1884 to 322700 in 1895.Jul 24, 2011 · It is chambered for the .38 S&W Round, and has a 3 3/16" barrel. The only serial number I can find is on the bottom of the grip but of the revolver. The number has only four digits, 36xx. The revolver is in very good mechanical condition with a clean up-pitted barrel. It locks up tight and appears to work well in both DA and SA modes.

camping world concord Smith and Wesson Serial Number Date of Manufacture J Frame Revolver Lookup For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50 and pre model number versions. Year-wise Serial Numbers 1950 = start at 1 1952 = 7369 - 21342 1953 = 28916 1955 = 55050 - 75000 1957 = 117770 - 125000 1962 = starts at 295000 1969 = ends at 786544 J serial Prefix Serial Numbers dnd 5e regeneratemenards ad preview for next week The serial number is V13188. The second is a 5" .38 S&W caliber, "United States Property" mark on the topstrap, no U.S. inspector marks found, no British marks found, marked "OSTERREICH POLIZI" on the top left frame and a large "761" stamped on the left frame, just above the rear triggerguard. I assume that is a rack number.Hi all, doing a little research on a pistol which my wife's uncle is handing down to our son. Its a S&W, 6 shot 22 LR revolver, the right side of the barrel reads "22 LONG RIFLE CTG." All the serial numbers on the underside of the barrel, bottom of hand grip, and backside of the cylinder all match. The SN is: K210537. alex toussaint puma Look up the pistol's full serial number -- including all letters and numbers -- in the back section of the "Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson" book. These listings inform you of the pistol's date of manufacture, based on the serial number. Items you will need Smith and Wesson pistol Smith & Wesson catalog Tips References Tips Writer Bio lufkin pawn shopscan labcorp detect frozen urineshell shockers unblocked 76 8 ឧសភា 2016 ... Smith & Wesson M&P Revolver - Model 10. about 11 years ago. Manufacture Year by Serial Number "K" Frame Revolvers - 1899 to 1983: (Years ...To date, the serial numbers on observed specimens have not substantiated this figure, 76,642 being the highest number noted. Unfortunately, the Smith & Wesson ... spartanburg county property tax search Jul 25, 2022 · The answer is yes. The serial number can tell you the range of dates that the gun was made, and the specific year. Once you’ve determined the model, go on the manufacturer’s website to find which year the gun was made, from the digits following the dash. In this instance, 331-12345 was manufactured in the year 2007 j.j. keller training portalcox outages tucsonpioneer press obituaries today S&W Revolvers 1945 to Present. S&W Model 66 No Dash with a 1978-79 Serial Number. Jump to Latest Follow 27449 Views 11 Replies 4 Participants Last post by legelegel, Nov 28, 2017. legelegel Discussion starter · ... Enjoy banner ad-free browsing with Smith And Wesson Forums Plus. Learn more. Smith And Wesson Forums. A forum …